Is it time to switch to paperless bookkeeping and accounting?

Written by Huw Moseley, Director at Link Accounting Ltd
Save-time-cloud-accountingWithout fail, every time I speak to a potential client about what they’re looking to achieve by working with Link – they want to drastically cut the time it takes them to manage bookkeeping and accounting overheads.
If you’re looking for efficiency savings, it’s time to embrace paperless working by removing the hassle of receipts, invoices and accounting.
The app we can set you up with lets you take a picture of a receipt and pull the numbers directly into online accounting software, downloaded as a spreadsheet or used to create expense reports.
I’ve recently managed to convince a long-standing client to switch to cloud accounting methods and this is what she had to say on the subject:

“Anyone who knows me will know how much I dread month/year end accounts (because I whinge about it!) – well Link Accounting has just changed all that by setting me up with an app to handle expenses that is already saving me so much time by eradicating data-entry! More importantly though, by using online accounting software I now have instant access to bank feeds and up to date financial information. This goes way beyond basic bookkeeping and provides me with real-time data and reporting on cashflow and invoicing so now I will always have the numbers to hand when I’m making business decisions.”
(Bea James, Director at InProfile Marketing)

Using our recommended software means you will stay connected to your data and to us as accountants. Scalable, cost effective and easy to use – you can access cloud-based software from any device with an internet connection, making bookkeeping and accounting easier.
Wondering if cloud accounting is right for your business? Lets go for coffee and discuss how it works and how it might be of benefit.

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