Avoid an end of year Nightmare

Written by Direct, Huw Moseley:
A couple of weeks ago, Receipt Bank was named the ‘Best Expense Management Tool’ at the Practice Excellence awards – and I’ve seen first-hand why… Without fail, every time I set my clients up with a Receipt Bank account, get them to download an App onto their phone, and spend a quick 10 minutes demonstrating how it works – they are completely wowed by it!
The responses I get are usually related to these 3 major benefits:

  • Receipt Bank is proven to save hours, even days of manual recording of receipts – the App on your phone means you can process your expenses whenever, and wherever you are.
  • You don’t have to keep hold of the receipts – simply take a picture and throw it away – so you’ll never have to go hunting for the paperwork again!
  • It synchs to your other accounting systems – eliminating duplication of data entry, avoiding human errors, and giving a real-time view of your accounts (a particularly great feature if you have a few or more employees).

No spreadsheets. No piles of receipts. No fuss.
And no end of year nightmare!
Give us a call today to arrange a demo – and if you like what you see we can get you up and running on Receipt Bank within hours so you can head into 2018 with all the cloud accounting tools you need to make it your most efficient, profitable year yet.

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