Are these 3 things stopping you from claiming your CIS rebate?

Written by Director, Huw Moseley
Year-end April 2018 was 3 weeks ago now and if you still haven’t filed your CIS rebate yet – what’s stopping you? Is it because:

  1. You’re not registered yet?
    We can help you with that and get the ball rolling on your return.
  2. Don’t have your most recent CIS statement?
    This really is no problem – we can still make a start immediately.
  3. Invoices, receipts, bank statements and payslips all over the place?
    In our experience – this is most likely the thing that’s really stopping you claim your rebate. We work with lots of people whose receipts and payslips aren’t in chronological order or whose invoicing comprises a mixture of paper and electronic files…

Yes it’s not ideal – but it doesn’t faze us.
Together we can sort it out. We’ll help you offset all your allowable expenses so you can maximise your refund. The great news is that once it’s all filed, you can receive your rebate in matter of weeks!
And next year will be so much easier – we’ll set you up with some great time saving apps and software so you don’t have to worry about the paperwork…
Simply complete the form and we’ll be in touch >

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Huw Moseley