And another thing about HMRC

Written by Director, Huw Moseley:
If you read my last blog, you’ll know that my advice when dealing with HMRC is to know your accounts inside out and backwards – as some times even Government administration bodies make mistakes.
Well, I’m blogging on this subject again because in the last week, we’ve had another win for a new client here at Link Accounting.
The client had an ongoing tax enquiry where HMRC tried all ways to say that he had not submitted a correct tax return.
HMRC did what it does and made assumptions based on averages to calculate the tax he owed – but in this case, the assumptions were wrong. Undeterred by the fact they were wrong, HMRC wanted to impose changes to his return that would have cost him nigh on £50k in extra tax.
Facing this enormous bill, he decided he wanted a professional on his side and got in touch with us here at Link Accounting. We took the case on to defend him and we’ve this week had notice that they are not going to change his return. Naturally this has been a massive relief to the client and a great result for both him and the team here at Link.
The client said afterwards that, dealing with this on his own, he “would not stand a chance”.
As I said in my last blog: you shouldn’t always believe what you read in a letter from HMRC. If you don’t think it sounds right, it’s likely it’s not. And if you don’t feel able to “fight it” on your own – it can pay to have a professional in your corner.
Here at Link Accounting we deliver the full range ofTax Services your business needs – using the latest tax software to prepare everything from basic employee Self-Assessment returns to more complex Company Tax returns – and handling all contact with HMRC on your behalf.
So you can trust us to give you proactive advice that will ensure your business is compliant with HMRC while you pay the lowest amount of tax legally possible to maximise your profits and grow your business!


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Huw Moseley