All I want for Christmas is… Cloud Accounting!

Written by Director Huw Moseley:
With the big celebrations just days away and as we head into the New Year… if we had just one wish for Christmas here at Link Accounting – it would be that all businesses switch on to the joys of cloud accounting!
As you know, we’re big advocates of smart business tech and we make it our mission to help you get set up and using the online tools effectively as part of our service.  If you haven’t already embraced cloud accounting, we’d love for you to take a fresh approach to accounting in 2019. It means that instead of us checking in with your business occasionally at year-end and VAT return times  – we can work collaboratively with you throughout the year to support your business growth. For you, it means:

  1. No more spreadsheets or installing programmes on one machine– you can log into your account from anywhere with an Internet connection. Add add multiple users to your account with role-based access so they only see what they need to (another great security measure).
  2. Data is sent into and saved in ‘the cloud’ where it is processed and returned to you in real-time– all your data is saved on the cloud server and constantly backed up – so its super secure.
  3. You can pay monthly and start using it immediately – so you can spread the cost of the software from as little as £5 per month, which helps you manage your cash flow. (Or if you’d prefer to pay up front you get a great big discount.)
  4. The software is consistently updated (for free!) so you don’t have to do anything – this means if things change, for example auto-enrolment, the software does too, so you stay up to date without needing an IT team.
  5. No more manual invoicing, reminders and, following up with debtors–automate the whole process (really easily!) and even combine with your HR and Payroll applications to generate payslips and other HMRC documents.

The best bit? Cloud accounting software is built with non-accountants in mind – so it’s really easy to use.
How about a demo? We can show you just how intuitive it is… and if you like what you see we can have you set up, saving time and money in a couple of hours.

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Huw Moseley