Self Employment Grant – Video guide to checking eligibility



The Government have provided further information around the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) grant.  We received a very nice email from HMRC asking if we could help them out by educating our clients on this scheme and also to ensure they are aware of how the process will be run.  As such, we have produced this post to do just that.


Firstly, the link to the updated guidance is here –


Once you have read up on the scheme through the link above, you will need to check your eligibility.  This is a very straight forward process to be fair.  However, we have done a quick video explainer to walk you through the process.  This shows how to:

  • Find the link to the eligibility checking tool
  • Update your contact details for HMRC to invite you to make your claim
  • Register for a Government Gateway login if you’ve not already done so


The last point is very important.  HMRC has confirmed that the grant will be administered through your Government Gateway so you need to get this squared away pronto otherwise you’ll not be getting anything or it will be delayed at the very least.


Here is the link to the video –

Please excuse the unpolished finish – I couldn’t be arsed to add all the bells and whistles when the purpose is to give a quick guide to help you out!!


If there are any questions then please just get in touch.  If there are any complaints, please drop an email to (jokes!)


There are numerous posts we have been putting onto our website around the current situation with a view of helping where possible.  Please feel free to check them out.  Any feedback always welcome.


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Huw Moseley