Virtual FD

The support an experienced Finance Director can offer a growing company is invaluable – and our Virtual FD service means even small businesses can afford to access sound advice whenever they need it.

The Virtual FD for companies in Banbury and Beyond!

Many growing companies in Banbury and throughout Oxfordshire could benefit from an in-house accountant or Finance Director but costs prevent the appointment on a full time basis.  Virtual FD’s go beyond the usual services offered by the more traditional accountancy firms (such as compliance, financial statements and tax etc.) to become trusted partners to business owners, who may not be able to justify the cost of a full-time FD.

Why choose a Link Accounting FD?

Over the years, Link Accounting’s FD, Huw Moseley, has acquired a good insight into what really matters in business, including:

  • Prompt and accurate invoicing to customers,
  • Strong cash collection,
  • KPI’s to measure performance,
  • Management of risk,
  • Ensuring strong internal controls,
  • Sufficient working capital,
  • Cost control,
  • Good relationships with bankers/insurers

Having spent over a decade in FD roles for a number of successful companies in South Wales, Oxfordshire, London and beyond – Huw offers this service on a part time basis, becoming a part of your in-house team and assisting in the day to day decision making process within the company:

  • Attending meetings with banks,
  • Assisting in raising finance,
  • Dealing with recruitment of finance team and
  • Assisting at key times of the financial year.

He is also available for one off assignments or regular attendance for several days per month to suit your business needs. Ask about his current availability for this type of assignment, this is a premium service and demand is currently high so requests are handled on a first come first served basis.

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